ABOUT verde media group

Verde Media Group Inc. ("Verde Media", "VMGI" or the "Company") is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC Markets traded under the stock symbol VMGI. The Company consists of three integrated divisions:

BioTech Division
The Biotech Division manages a portfolio of biotech companies currently comprised of the following:

Verde Biotechnology Corp. ("VBC")
VBC, incorporated in the State of Delaware, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Verde Media. VBC's focus is on: i) developing and producing high value bio-products from renewable biomass; and ii) scaling the technology to demonstrate commercial scale operations for third party licensing. VBC has recently acquired a majority interest in Butazyme LLC ("Butazyme" or "BTZ").

Butazyme, LLC.
Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Butazyme, is a biotechnology company focused on producing highly concentrated, natural, microbial omega-3 oils from low cost feedstock such as municipal waste, animal waste and biomass derived sugar streams. The microbial derived Omega-3 oil market is expected to reach $34 billion by 2016 with growth rates of 10-15%. Butazyme is initially focused on integrating its omega-3 oil production within the aquaculture and livestock industries. The company has signed a joint venture agreement for the development of a commercial scale plant in Asia and expects revenues of $16mm for its year ended 2016.

Beautyject Inc.
Beautyject Inc., ("Beautyject" or "BJI"), incorporated in the State of Nevada, is a majority owned subsidiary of Verde Media. Beautyject is the first company to offer needle-free technology fully adapted to the beauty care and cosmetic markets. The injectors can be used to administer liquid cosmetic products such as Botox, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and a variety of other products to the top layers of the skin through a non-invasive, needle-free, painless delivery system. Previously unavailable for private use, individuals can now administer unique formulations to treat superficial lines, minor skin damage, fine wrinkles, moisture and skin elasticity all at the convenience of their homes with no risk of needle stick injuries and damage to the skin. Practitioners benefit from attracting new clientele, new upsell opportunities for existing treatments such as Botox, precision treatment delivery, increased client satisfaction and increased profitability due to complete emptying of ampoules and a longer shelf life. The company is in advanced discussions with an internationally recognized distribution group that has access to major broadcasting and satellite TV networks for the sale and distribution of its beauty products throughout North America and expects revenues to reach upwards of $25 million in its third year of commercialization.

Verde Agency Division
The Verde Agency Division ("Verde Agency") provides public relations, marketing and corporate finance services to clients in various industries. Verde Agency is currently focusing its resources on supporting the VMGI portfolio of companies.

Verde Entertainment Division
The Verde Entertainment Division ("Verde Entertainment") operates a managed media company with production, distribution, development and acquisition functions for film, television and multi-media. Utilizing all available media platforms the company has the capacity, experience and infrastructure to produce content ranging from corporate advertising and reality television to independent film. In addition, Verde Entertainment manages content libraries, digital imaging solutions and distribution functions for clients' media needs.

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